Be Happy

What is happiness? True happiness is with God. As children of God we can only pursue happiness by pursuing God and by doing Gods' will in our lives. What we call happiness in this world is really called joy, a ray of happiness from God. People may try and confine what they think is happiness, but fail because you cannot bottle joy, for it only comes from God. Joy isn't constant, it comes and goes. To be in constant joy is to be in Gods' presence in heaven.

Do we live in a society run on fear and greed? You turn on the TV news and you will most likely see something about murder, theft and other sins being reported to you. Some media outlets have the belief that crime sells so they beam negative scenarios into peoples homes every day. Why are we so fascinated by violence and killing? I am not saying the news is evil, they are only giving what they think the public want to see.

But sometimes the negativity reported by the media may rub off on a persons state of mind. People may become jealous, bitter and resentful just by watching the news, a movie, a game show, sports or a soap because they allow themselves to judge, they allow themselves to highlight the negative and hateful judgements and assumptions. They cling to them and some may keep on hauling more and more negativity into their life just by watching the TV.

And it doesn't have to be about murder, it can be about the economy and how this banker had stolen this or how this team beat this other team. When was the last time you turned on the telly and saw something you disliked even hated and you became hateful towards the thief, the murderer or the liar. There is a saying, "don't hate the sinner, hate the sin".

If one allows themselves to highlight and choose the negative assumption or judgement in all scenarios they may become a slave to negativity and they will reflect the negativity gained in their day to day decisions. Even your mind can become negative by lingering on revenge and hate-filled thoughts and only you have to live with your mind. It's a habit that people may fall into for various reasons. People may think it is fun, cool or mandatory to hate and to try and make jokes about a person or people.

There is only two things separating doing the wrong thing or doing the good thing and that is a thought and a conviction to choose the most pleasing option to God. God has given us free will and power to harness and control how we think and what we think. All we must do is take the reigns of our mind and control it in a positive way to steer it towards happiness. If you choose the positive path you may find a form of happiness. But to embrace a fuller and eternal form of happiness one must find Jesus Christ.

Having a positive outlook will help in this life but you may find yourself worrying about the after life and where you may end up. Accepting and believing in Jesus as your Lord and Saviour will help you feel more secure in your happiness because Jesus died for our sins and when you believe in Jesus He becomes your doorway to salvation. And the worry of death fades away, which in turn increases and stabilizes your joy.

Call upon Jesus to enter your life and to help you break free from the bonds of negativity in all its forms. Enter His Church and become part of His Church and receive graces through the Holy Eucharist and Holy Mass to help you on your journey of life.

God = Father + Son (Jesus) + Holy Spirit

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